Wouldn’t it be great if you had your very own personal owner’s manual for health and happiness?


No more dieting!

What would it feel like to know just what to eat for your UNIQUE self? No more confusing messages from the media. No more buying books, trying diets, spending hundreds of $ on so-called superfoods only to feel worse instead of better.

Bust through the everyday myths and misconceptions about food and eating.

Learn how to identify food that comforts you, feeds your passions and desires, and food that inspires your creativity. What could be better than a palate-pleasing food awakening through discovering food and eating as a complement to a vibrant life? 

No More Boring Exercise!

If you're one of those people who stifles a groan at the mention of "exercise" then it's time to learn what works for your unique self. Did you know that how you move directly influences your mood? If you're doing something you don't really enjoy, you could be creating more stress on your body and mind and contributing to ill health, even if it is "exercise".

The question is not only what you do but how you do it...

I love feeling strong and healthy as much as the next person. Sometimes I love to run, sometimes hike, sometimes dance, sometimes the best movement for me is sitting in contemplation. Explore what feels best to your body, mind, and spirit to create moveable life that feels juicy and alive! And now that you've created your own personal medicine it's time to move towards mastery!

Vibrant living is embodied living...

Self-Mastery doesn't mean being perfect. It means knowing yourself well enough to handle whatever comes your way with resilience and grace. Learn to bridge the bodymind gap and cultivate the most important relationship in your life; the one with yourself.

So how do you cultivate Personal Medicine and Self-Mastery?


PHASE I - Mapping the Territory (Foundations)

PHASE I is a little bit like becoming your own GPS. Self- Location is the critical foundation for personal transformation. How do you get anywhere, if you have no idea where you are, to begin with? 

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PHASE II - Setting Out and Getting There (Proficiency)

Okay so by now you have identified where you want to be. You’ve even created a map. You’ve sifted through your “stuff”, offloaded what you don’t need, organized what you do need and you’re ready to become a journeying human.

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PHASE III - Arrival (Personal Mastery)

Now you have located yourself, mapped your destination, and arrived, what could possibly be left? Well, this is actually the most critical place. Right here is the make-or-break point!

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