When women gather....magic happens. 

For eons women have gathered in support of one another, of family, of community. They have gathered to mark the passing of the celestial sky, the seasons, of birth and death. They have gathered to hold vigils of healing, to nourish and nurture. 

For eons women have gathered to share wisdom and to tend the stories of the passing of humanity. 

The essence of woman is mystery...of the moon, of the earth, of the natural cycles of birth, life, and death. 

When we gather, mystery is woven, deepened, strengthened... the workings of the cosmos come alive. 

The Sacred Well is a place of remembering. A touchstone to the ways of Mystery, Magic, and the Birthright of Woman. 


The Sacred Well is an offering of community. A gathering place for learning and sharing, for storytelling and wisdom gathering, for witnessing and tending, for the holding of tears, laughter, and even the gnashing of teeth. 

Our workshops, courses, and programs are designed and developed by women, for women; offering the ease of online/virtual community and learning, coupled with the depth of residential gatherings throughout the year. 

Learning offerings are intended to cultivate personal/individual growth to enhance health and well-being as well as contribute to community cohesion and resilience. 


Programs - typically year-long; including courses/workshops, webinars, gatherings (virtual and in-resident)

Courses - virtual and in-residence 

Workshops - virtual and in-residence


Opportunities to gather and connect: virtual fireside chats, summits, and moon gatherings

Seasonal celebrations (virtual and in-residence)


In conjunction with LiveLifeResources, a 501c3 affiliated organization, we are able to offer a limited number of research oriented pro-bono opportunities in some of our learning offerings. These opportunities are for the provision of data intended to contribute to the gap in the literature for women's health and development. For more information on research opportunities, please email or check out:



Our community is exactly that... a community, a diverse gathering of women. Artists, scholars, leaders, mothers, daughters, sisters, learners, storytellers... and all. We are committed to supporting budding business ventures, therapeutic practices, and other endeavors that re-orient the natural compass of woman....back to the moon, back to the earth, back to the natural cycles of birth, life, and death... of celebration, of tending, of gathering. 

Have questions? Can't find what you are looking for? Just want to say hello? Don't hesitate to reach out.