Human resilience is the ability to muster your inner resources in order to ‘bounce back’ from adversity. It is that almost indefinable quality that allows a person, place, or thing to be beaten down by some of the experiences of life, yet come back with the resolve to carry on to bigger and better things.

But resilience isn’t only helpful in situations of adversity. How resilient you are can help you navigate everyday life situations with grace and ease.

Navigating the stressors of today’s superfast, global access, immediate response needed-mindset requires a much wider arsenal than the average stress management techniques of even just a decade ago. It’s no longer enough simply to be health conscious, rather to stay grounded and healthy requires actively developing a sense of well-being along with the characteristics of resilience.

This 8-week online course introduces participants to information and practices developed for the restoration of well-being and the cultivation of resilience. The life-enhancing characteristics of self-efficacy, authentic self-care, increased levels of self-awareness, and the cultivation of healthy boundaries, all contribute to deeper levels of resilience and well-being.

Course Delivery: This course is divided into 8 week-long modules, each consisting of information and resources, podcasts and videos, as well as instructor led discussion and applied techniques for cultivating resilience and well-being.

Course Begins: February 4, 2019

Location: Online:  LLR Learning Portal

Tuition: $349  (cThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for payment options or scholarship opportunities)

Course Developer and Faculty: Dr. Stephanie Shelburne