Y.O.U. 101

Wouldn’t it be great if you had your very own personal owner’s manual for health and happiness?



Imagine knowing just what to eat for your UNIQUE self? No more confusing messages from the media. No more buying books, trying diets, eating so called superfoods only to feel worse instead of better.

No More Boring Exercise!

If you're one of those people who stifles a groan at the mention of "exercise" then it's time to learn what works for your unique self. Did you know that how you move directly influences your mood? If you're doing something you don't really enjoy, you could be creating more stress on your body and mind and contributing to ill health, even if it is "exercise".

Vibrant living is embodied living...

Self-Mastery doesn't mean being perfect. It means knowing yourself well enough to handle whatever comes your way with resilience and grace. Learn to bridge the bodymind gap and cultivate the most important relationship in your life; the one with yourself.


Y.O.U. 101 is a three phase deep dive into your inner and outer workings. Through classes, experiential exercises, webinars, and gatherings you will be guided and supported to self discovery and transformation. 

Phase I - Self Location – (Foundations)

This phase is a little bit like becoming your own GPS. In today’s fast paced, media inundated world, as you well know, it can be really easy to end up lost in a quagmire of information that leaves you feeling stranded and stuck. If you’ve found yourself buying the latest greatest self help or diet books only to find yourself feeling worse than when you started or if you’ve gotten so frustrated with it all that you’ve given up on the desire to feel great because you’re barely even able to feel good on a semi-regular basis then, guess what? It’s TIME. It’s time to realize that you’re a little lost.

There’s no shame in admitting you’ve lost your way. In fact, stopping and recognizing that you’re lost can be the most exciting, the scariest, and the SMARTEST thing to do. It’s also the ONLY, and I do mean only, way to figure out where you really are and how you’re really going to get where you want to go.

That’s what PHASE I is all about; helping you stop the madness of circling lost so you can get down to the excitement of figuring out how to get where you really want to go. 

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PHASE II – Setting out and getting there (Proficiency)

Okay so by now you have identified where you want to be. You’ve even created a map. You’ve sifted through your “stuff”, offloaded what you don’t need, organized what you do need and your ready to become a journeying human. PHASE II gets you in motion. There is a difference between the map and the territory, this is what you’ll discover in Phase II.

The map is full of great ideas about how to get from point A to point B. You’ve created some really great structure and now you get implement it. If you find out you wrote in a wrong turn, that’s okay, you’ll have all the support you need to get you back on track. PHASE II will help you set out and arrive at your destination with grace and ease, laughter and probably a few tears, but tears are good too; all with a well earned Hooray when you get there.

In PHASE II you will bump it up a notch by taking the information and experiences you gathered in PHASE I and putting them to the test. 

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Now What?

Have you ever dieted, lost the weight, felt absolutely fantastic, only to put it all back on again and more? Or have you started an exercise program that seemed to work, only to plateau, burn out and quit going? Worse yet, how about when you’re successful, feel great, look fantastic and you have friends and family who try to sabotage you??? It happens more often than you realize. All of these things go part and parcel with “now what”? syndrome.

PHASE III - Arrival (Personal-Mastery)

Research shows that a whopping 90% of the people who make changes that feel great but don’t last, are victims of the “now what” syndrome. They aren’t prepared to integrate the success of their efforts and end up sliding back into the “old” habits and patterns that generated the imbalance in the first place. Don’t worry, though, this isn’t going to happen to you… enter PHASE III.

PHASE III is all about Mastery. It includes filling your toolbag with emergency rations and safety gear; having a plan for those moments when everything you worked so hard for seems to be going to… well, wherever it goes when it’s just not working. It’s about creating a life that is seamlessly aligned with your best self. Have you ever heard the feel good quote, “how about creating a life that you don’t have to take a vacation from?”, well, that’s PHASE III.

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