An Apple a Day... Really?

“Eat an apple on going to bed and you'll keep the doctor from earning his bread."

Can it really be that simple? Apples are not only delicious and lovely to look at but they are also a wealth of amazing health benefits. An apple a day is no idle claim. Apples contain significant amounts of fiber, flavor, and flavonoids, and a number of other nutrients that contribute to your health and wellbeing.  Who doesn’t want all of that in their daily diet? The benefits of the humble little apple don't stop there...

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The Magical MMMMM Factor

Remember the last time something stopped you in your tracks and took your breath away?

Maybe it was a sunset, a song, or even a taste of something so amazingly delicious it evoked a spontaneous and unencumbered exclamation of pleasure? There's a name for that. And believe it or not, the more of that you have in your life, the healthier you are. 

I call that moment an 'mmmmm factor' moment. It's the sweet spot where your inner world and your outer world come together and complete and total non-language, neurochemical agreement that something is beyond good.  

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Can I Hear You Now?

Can you think of the last time you were in a conversation where you felt like you just weren't being heard or understood?

Have you ever finished a conversation and realized that you still had a ton of questions or comments and are actually not really sure what the end result of the conversation was? Or for that matter, do certain conversations leave you completely drained and feeling sort of spacey?

These are all signs that what’s happening isn’t really communication in the true sense of the word. By its very nature true communication is a lively reciprocity of energy. It requires actual engagement from each party or object involved. It requires the sending and receiving of whole messages, and it also requires the willingness to request clarification when messages are partial or convoluted.

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