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Nutritional Interventions for the Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress 

Spontaneous Transformation: The Neurobiological Mechanisms of Change and Recovery
Guiding the Way to Wellness: Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and trauma related eating disorders
Finding the Flow: The Efficacy of Utilizing QiGong for the Beneficial Management of Diabetes
Presence Through Palate: An Investigation of Food, Eating, and Self-Awareness as Healing Modality
The Efficacy of Guided Imagery for the Enhancement of Positive Self Identification And Body Image for Individuals with Patterns of Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, Or Binge Eating
Hypnotic Intervention for Trauma Related Eating Disorders
The Efficacy of Utilizing Neurofeedback to Increase Executive Function in the Area of Attention and Self-Regulation in the Treatment of Eating Disorders
The Experience of Participating in Ritual Dance/Movement Practices for Women with Trauma Related Eating Disorders
The Art of Sadhana: Spiritual Mindfulness and Trauma Related Eating Disorders
Beyond Words: Expressing The Unimaginable to Heal the Unmentionable: A Phenomenological Study on the Experience of Expressive Movement as a Healing Intervention for Individuals with Trauma Related Eating Disorders.
Cultivating Resilience: Post Traumatic Growth, Mindfulness, and Trauma Recovery

Since the time of our ancestor’s ancestors, the honoring of this time has been deeply interwoven into cultural traditions and mythology. Story after story tell tales of gods, goddesses and magical creatures that help bring back the Sun. This time is often deeply tied to the feminine as the caves early humans would seek shelter in was womb like in their protection. Keeping us safe until it was time to be re-born, stepping back out into the world with the returning of the Sun.

In these days of artificial lighting, it can be harder to be aware of this cycle. But the energy is still there, just calling us to take note the change that is all around. There are still things to learn from this silent but omnipresent memory that lives in our very cells

Spend some time tonight in reflection; ideally in candle or firelight. Think back about what has this past year brought to you. What have you gained? What have you lost? What is left to let go of? What do you want to prepare for in the coming months?

In some ways, this is a particularly palpable solstice as it happens so soon before the Cancer Full Moon. Full Moons are always about completion as the Moon has reached her zenith. Because these two events occur in close succession, the pull to let go of what is no longer serving us is percolating with possibility.

As you reflect on this past year, find some time to journal about your gratitude and grief. It is letting go of that which no longer serves us that we open up the space for the new. The Cancerian component of this brings in a dose of family, ancestry, and desire to nurture and be nurtured. So, as you think back include self-care in your reflective process. Perhaps you want to make a nurturing stew, warm cup of tea or your comfort food whatever form that takes. You may even want to make this reflective process a family activity.

Author: Dr. Laura Tadd

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