At Bod*ecology we're not just interested in promoting health and wellness. We are committed to advocating for your optimal quality of life and well-being.  

Within these pages you will find practical, empirically supported resources to help you live your best life; body, mind, and soul. If you care about your well-being, the well-being of your friends and family, and the well-being of the planet, and you want to find practical and attainable ways to create a more sustainable and health-filled world, Bod*ecology is here to help. 

The term ecology was developed to describe the study of how organisms cultivate  ielationships within themselves, their environment, and other organisms. Ecology derives from the word 'oikos' which is greek and translates roughly to 'home' or 'place to live'. Your body is your home, your place to live while incarnated as a human on this planet in this lifetime. Bod*ecology is committed to advocating for best practices in cultivating optimal relationships within your body, your internal environment; body, mind, and soul and your external environment. 

The information on Bod*ecology website is grounded in the competencies of Lifestyle Medicine. Bod*ecology is committed to evidence based and intuitively grounded information presented as therapeutic intervention for the prevention and reversal of lifestyle related disease. Not only is Bod*ecology committed to therapeutic approaches to wellness, but also in guiding the approaches to preventative care deeper into the realms of thriving and optimal well-being. 

What You'll Find Here at Bod*ecology

Body and Soul

Bod*ecology is all about integration and holism.
There is no separation between your body, mind, and your spirit/soul. They are inter-related and what happens with one, influences the whole. Using one area of focus can be a great place to begin, but ultimately, there will be a need to explore all the other areas of your inner and outer world. The information on this site is intended to help you do that. 

Recipes and Remedies 

Every recipe and remedy found in these pages has been tried and tested by the Bod*ecology crew. We're committed to holistic approaches to food as medicine and the wisdom of plant and animal medicine for optimal health and well-being. Nutritional needs include everyday life, as well as special circumstances like illness or gym time.

You'll find simple and delicious real food recipes developed for your optimal well-being. As well as real food remedies for a wide variety of health interventions. 

Science and Art

The authors who contribute to Bod*ecology are all scholar/practitioners with a strong commitment to evidence based information and a love of research. We employ a systems focused, multidimensional exploration of empirical literature and yet, we fully realize science does not have all of the answers.

As such you will find within these pages an artful blend of the intuitive, the soulful, and the scientific intended to provide you with the most holistic potential for enhanced well-being 

Health and Well-Being 

Bod*ecology contains important and practical health information focused on simple, practical, and sustainable changes that will guide you to optimal health and well-being regardless of your starting point. 

Disclaimer: The information on this website should never take the place of needed medical care. Please review the disclaimer and policies for more information 


Food and Eating 

Bod*ecology is committed to advocating for nutrient dense, traditional food choices for health and wellness. We also recognize the what we eat is not the only factor involved in whole body, mind, soul well-being. What you eat, how you eat, when you eat, and who you share your mealtime with all share a place in the ingredients for your optimal well-being.

These pages contain, not only information about the latest in functional and integrative nutrition, but also, the importance of social and soulful eating and food sharing. 

Tranformative Learning and Change

Bod*ecology is committed to cultivating venues and mediums for sustainable change and ultimately transformation. Workshops, podcasts, course, webinars, and other opportunities for research, learning, and transformative change can be found on the Sacred Well menu and at our affiliate site