Publications/White Papers

Nutritional Interventions for the Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress 

Spontaneous Transformation: The Neurobiological Mechanisms of Change and Recovery
Guiding the Way to Wellness: Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and trauma related eating disorders
Finding the Flow: The Efficacy of Utilizing QiGong for the Beneficial Management of Diabetes
Presence Through Palate: An Investigation of Food, Eating, and Self-Awareness as Healing Modality
The Efficacy of Guided Imagery for the Enhancement of Positive Self Identification And Body Image for Individuals with Patterns of Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, Or Binge Eating
Hypnotic Intervention for Trauma Related Eating Disorders
The Efficacy of Utilizing Neurofeedback to Increase Executive Function in the Area of Attention and Self-Regulation in the Treatment of Eating Disorders
The Experience of Participating in Ritual Dance/Movement Practices for Women with Trauma Related Eating Disorders
The Art of Sadhana: Spiritual Mindfulness and Trauma Related Eating Disorders
Beyond Words: Expressing The Unimaginable to Heal the Unmentionable: A Phenomenological Study on the Experience of Expressive Movement as a Healing Intervention for Individuals with Trauma Related Eating Disorders.
Cultivating Resilience: Post Traumatic Growth, Mindfulness, and Trauma Recovery

bowlwithapples stephanieHello, my name is Stephanie

(Dr. Stephanie Shelburne, PhD, NhD)


As a Mind, Body, and Soul Doctor, I am passionate about helping people find their unique path to well-being. Together we will explore the sustainable and practical application of traditional diet, ancestral wisdom, and holistic, evidence-based wellness practices within our modern world setting.


I’m a Scholar/Practitioner, which means, I love conducting research and exploring the latest literature and I love teaching and helping people explore ways to enhance their quality of life and well-being. I have doctorates in both Lifestyle Medicine and Holistic Nutrition.

(You can find the rest of my education and training here.)

I’m also the author of Taste and Flavor 365: Diary of a Food Adventurist.  


Bod*ecology is my labor of love. 

I spend the bulk of my daily life thinking and writing about whole person health; things like purpose and meaning and living well

I love conducting research that is meaningful, hoping to add to the wealth of information that will guide people to healthier, happier, more soulful lives. 

I draw from my own experiences, the experiences of my clients, my intuitive nature, and rambling through the latest evidence-based literature.

I think science and research is awesome but I also know that science doesn't have the answer to everything. Sometimes what’s needed is a little bit of intuition, creative wisdom, and artistic expression to connect with the soul and give it voice.  

One of my passions is food and eating and helping people reconnect with their love of food and flavor. I'm a fierce food and eating advocate. I love putting on my detective hat and sleuthing out the root cause of mystery ailments, diseases, and symptoms. Critical thinking and a multidisciplinary approach helps me find answers for difficult to diagnose situations. 
I love experimenting with quality traditional, nutrient-dense foods, whipping up any number of culinary adventures and inviting my friends and family to try them out.

My clients and students are my biggest inspiration.  Something amazing and beautiful happens when we work together to step out of the “One Size Fits All” box and create a unique and personal approach to living.

Why Do I Do What I Do?

Initially, I came to the road of integrative health, much the same way many practitioners do; I got sick. A long and frustrating encounter with a mystery illness that left me exhausted, depressed, and pain ridden.  Doctor after doctor, shaking their head, no ideas, no answers.

Finally, one Doctor, one very kind and concerned Doctor, suggested I look into something called Ayurveda. This was before Traditional Indian Medicine was a ‘thing’ in the U.S.

I didn’t have anything to lose, so I read everything I could get my hands on and changed my lifestyle overnight. Committed to the full revamp; food, movement, meditation, all of it.

Within a week, I felt better than I had in years. Within a month, I required no more visits to my kind and concerned Physician. Within three months I had enrolled in an Ayurvedic training and massage school. I was hooked. I was convinced that changing my diet and my lifestyle had saved my life and I wanted to know more.

I haven’t looked back. 

Here’s what I have found to be true:

Food is Medicine….but it is also so much more. How you breathe, eat, think, move, or don’t move, will absolutely influence your proclivity for disease and your ability to heal disease and enhance your quality of life.

Movement is Medicine… notice I didn’t say exercise. How you move your body and how you feel about how you move your body will influence your ability to be well.

Your thoughts and feelings are Medicine.

Your relationships are Medicine.

Every single thing you do to reconnect with your soul and the world around you in a deep and meaningful way is Medicine.

Sensory and Sensual Awareness can save your life. 

I’ve made it my life’s mission to help people find their own Personal Medicine; Body, Mind, and Soul.