My Fit Life - 90 Days to Better Health

As I've been blogging about my adventures with ketogenic eating, I've had several people reach out to me wanting to give it a try. It got me thinking that maybe there are more of you out there interested in knowing more, or wanting to give it a try, but just not sure where to start or how to maintain once you get going. Which then got me thinking, that really, it doesn’t matter what kind of food or dietary lifestyle you’re interested in trying, it’s always better when you have help. So, I’ve combined my skills as a Food/Mood Doc and an online learning aficionado and created the opportunity to jump into an online communal learning environment for dietary/lifestyle exploration.  

You’ll be supported by real time check-ins, conversations, and mini-coaching sessions. I’d like to have 8-10 people per group so that it can remain accessible and individual while also not breaking the bank. Rather than charge my hourly rate per hour, I’m going to charge it per month. So, for $125 per month, for three months, you can be on your way to exploring what works best for you in the world of food and eating.

We will have conference calls, webinars, share recipes, tips, tricks, and tools for staying on track and getting creative. I’ll help you identify your specific metabolic needs and best nutrient intake. Maybe you’re not interested in the ketogenic approach or it isn’t the one for you, not to worry, we can support a wide variety of needs. The biggest thing is that we will be in food community and helping each other out.

Study after study demonstrates that when you do things with other people, you stand the chance of being more successful. If you have a friend who might be interested in fine tuning their health and well-being, even better!  Doing things with friends and family can be an even more enriching experience.

If you’re interested or want to know more, either email, call, or private message me and let’s get going.

The first group will begin July 5th, that should give you plenty of time to get through the 4th of July weekend and be ready to get serious.  Can’t make July 5th? I’ll start another group August 3rd

I feel excited to be able to help in way that doesn’t break your bank and gives you maximum opportunity for success!!