Do you really taste your food?

In the hopes of inspiring a food and eating adventure and new avenues of delicious and healthful lifestyle choices, I’m spending a year exploring and sharing thoughts on taste and flavor every single day. 

For those of you who know me, you’re probably thinking, “what’s new?” (:  Well, in a way, nothing is new and in another way everything is new. One thing that has become crystal clear to me through the years of working with people to address issues concerning food and eating, is that part of the challenge of creating a good relationship with what you eat, comes from not really understanding your palate or being able to truly taste your food.

Eating well and staying healthy includes so much more than just calorie in and calorie out. Resorting to healthful foods that are dully flavored or uninspiring just compounds the issue. When you satisfy your palate with real flavors and truly slow down and savor what you are eating, your well-being is all the better for it. Food is the foundation for health and happiness; figuratively and literally. Start feeling better by feeding yourself well.

Did you know that taste and flavor involves so much more than just the basics of sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and savory? It also includes things like mouth-feel and retro-nasal effect.

Ever heard that your tongue is divided into regions for different tastes? Did you know it’s a myth; and that you have chemoreceptors (taste buds) all over your mouth including the roof?

Did you know that typically, after about 8 bites of the same food your brain stops registering the flavor and you are working off of memory rather than immediate stimuli? This phenomenon adds to the ‘check-out’ factor that can contribute to overeating if you aren’t paying attention. If you want to know more you can always check out my website, stay tuned, or take a workshop/class. In the meantime, on to the flavors for the year! Happy eating...