"Eating iwhat to eats a sacred act, in which one living part of nature absorbs and integrates another." - Charles Eisenstein

What does it mean to feed yourself well? If you are trying to feel good in your body, manage your weight, manage your health and manage your well-being than you know that trying to eat well and make the healthiest choices isn’t always easy. Confusing and ever changing dietary guidelines coupled with information overload can make it challenging at best and overwhelming at worst.

As you probably have noticed, most dietary guidelines assume or suggest that their information is true for every type of body and if you will simply “eat this and not that” it will be the answer to all of your health and weight management woes.

The truth is there really is no single diet or perfect food to eat for every Body. Not only is there no single diet for every body, there is really no single diet for your body. Your dietary needs change constantly; they are influenced by things like stress levels, seasonal changes, environment, and activity level.

Food choice and eating are more than just a matter of calorie in or calorie out. They are more than just understanding nutrients and food quality. They are also about understanding your body’s own wisdom, learning how to read the signs and signals that guide you to your most optimally nourished state of being. Embodied eating coupled with quality ingredients and wise choices can make all the difference to your health and well-being.

It is my hope that the articles and anecdotes found within these pages will help shed some light on some of the most popular myths about food and eating as well as guide you to the best choices for your body in all of its various needs. May you find your way to your best and most vibrant self by learning how to feed your self well.