Moving through week 2 and 3 of the pursuit for ketogenic brain bliss has proven interesting and insightful. Around Day 12, I felt at the very end of my culinary creativity. Whether I was experiencing an eggsistential crisis or wallowing in fat ennui, I was suddenly completely at a loss for exciting new ways to keep the fat/protein/carb ratio in my day. I had a new appreciation for the wall or plateau that many people, including some of my clients, experience.

For that reason alone, I was determined to get through it and come out the other side with some tidbits of wisdom. So, I rallied and did what I always find to be the best approach when stuck. Go back to the basics.

What are the basics of nutritional ketosis?

The medical research suggests that when someone consumes 70-80% of their calories from healthy fats and keeps their carbohydrate intake at roughly 5-7% and the rest is protein.

Please note: often people get confused and assume they need to also eat massive amounts of protein. This is not the case. In fact, consuming too much protein can decrease your ability to remain in nutritional ketosis and negatively impact your moods and emotions. You simply need adequate protein.

So, I returned to the basics of fat and broadened my perspective. I also realized I was still operating under a little bit of the old indoctrination that fat is bad. It’s amazing to me how many of the pop culture messages just keep bouncing around in the subconscious as cautionary tales, even when we know they’re untrue. So let’s just put this one to rest:

Myth: Fat is bad. It will make you fat. It will give you heart disease.
Truth: Healthy fats are not bad. They will not make you fat. And they will not give you heart disease.
Mistakes: People eat unhealthy fats/trans fats. They eat fats AND manufactured carbohydrates. These two things contribute significantly to heart disease and a plethora of other lifestyle ailments.

Okay, back to the kitchen drawing board. I started thinking about the foods that I have historically avoided avoid because they’re fat dense and potentially sugary. I also started thinking in terms of summertime foods. What’s refreshing and easy in hot weather?

Lastly, I like to think of things that take less than 15 minutes and don’t involve cooking (summertime heat means avoiding the oven).

Suddenly my creativity kicked into gear and here are a few of the things I’ve enjoyed over the past two weeks:

Lemon Fat bombs
(these are especially nice in the warm weather and to cleanse your palate)

1/2 c cashews
1/2 or whole block creamed coconut
3-4 TBS butter
2 TBS coconut oil if you don’t use the whole coconut cream block
Juice of one lemon with zest

Cream in blender then spread in dish and refrigerate

Lemon or Lime Posset

Juice of one lemon or two limes with zest
1/2 block cream cheese or 1 c. ricotta
couple TBS cream
Blend til creamy

Chocolate Fat Bombs

1/2 c Cashews
1/2 c. Peanut Butter
1/2 block creamed coconut
dash vanilla (optional)
1 to 2 TBS Cocoa powder (suit your own taste)
dash of salt

Faux-tato Salad (I especially loved this one and so did everyone else. This with Keto Cole Slaw were major hits at the BBQ)

1 head cauliflower in small chunks - blanch in boiling water to desired consistency. Strain, smash out excess water with towel.

in bowl combine:

diced gherkin
diced olives
2 hard boiled eggs, chopped
diced celery
chopped avocado
chopped parsley
any other ingredients that you like for potato salad

either mix mayo with dijon mustard

blend 1 egg yolk with 1 tbs lemon juice
add 1-2 TBS olive oil
1/2 avocado
1-2 TBS Dijon mustard (to your taste)
2 TBS ricotta cheese (optional)

Keto Cole Slaw

1 head of cabbage - grated
1 carrot - grated

blend 1 egg yolk with 1 tbs lemon juice
add 1-2 TBS olive oil
1/2 avocado
1-2 TBS Dijon mustard (to your taste)
2 TBS ricotta cheese (optional)

or mayo and dijon mustard to your taste

Chocolate pudding

1 avocado
1-2 TBS cocoa powder
1tsp of Vanilla
dash salt
water or cream to desired consistency
(add a dash of xylitol if you want it sweet)

Stay tuned for more....