Tendons and ligaments generally get lumped into the same category and in a sense they are but at the end of the day they serve different functions. Your tendons connect your muscles to your bones.

They’re made up of collagen rich, fibrous bundles of connective tissue. Your tendons allow the leverage necessary to assist your muscles in generating movement.

tendonYour tendons also act like springs in your body, with just enough elastic force to extend and then spring back into place assisting with things like jumping and running. The size, bulk, and even to some degree, the elasticity of your tendons seems to be a genetic designation. Some people have longer, springier tendons giving them a natural proclivity to speed and agility and others have shorter tendons making it easier to ‘bulk’ up for things like body building and activities more dependent on mass. So in a sense your muscle size is also dependent upon your tendon length.

If you want to keep your tendons healthy, you want to do things that promote healthy collagen production. Foods rich in proline can help maintain tendon vitality. Foods like avocados, broccoli rabe, asparagus, eggs, and even dairy products that are from heritage breed cows, goats, and sheep.