Let’s hear it for your ligaments!! Without them you would fall into a heaping pile of body parts, and try as they might your muscles would be completely unsuccessful in pulling you back together.

Ligaments are made up of fibrous connective tissue and they have the fantastic responsibility of binding all of your bones together. Specifically, ligaments bind bone to bone, or holds your organs in place, or supports your joints. They hold you together and participate in creating the supportive structure that houses all your bits.

ligamentsLigaments are made up of collagen based bundles of fiber. There are two types of ligaments, white ligament and yellow ligaments. White ligaments are comprised more of collagen based fibers which are stronger and less flexible or ‘elastic’. This allows them to create a supportive structure that moves but still retains shape and strength. You can find white ligaments connecting your bones to each other and generally performing tasks that require connection with some movement but little flexibility in varied direction.
Yellow ligaments are made up of collagen containing ‘elastin’. This allows for more flexibility. You can find yellow ligaments connecting your spinal column together. Their elastic quality coupled with supple strength allow your spine to bend and move in a variety of directions.

Want to keep your ligaments happy and health? Eat foods that support their flexibility and recovery. Foods that are rich in Vitamin C and A like berries, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. Foods that are rich in Zinc, like oysters, varieties of seeds, and dark meat chicken. As well as, foods that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids like cold water fish, flax, and walnuts.