You and I both know that there is nothing humorous about crunching your humerus, otherwise known as your funny bone.

humerus armAlthough, truthfully your funny bone isn’t actually a bone at all, it’s the combination of your humerus and the ulnar nerve. When you bump it just right the nerve gets compressed against your humerus and jangles.

Your humerus is the longest bone in your upper body. It is located in your upper arm and connects at your elbow and your shoulder. The top or head of your humerus is ball shaped and fits into a ‘notch’ or cavity that comprises the ball joint of your shoulder. This ball joint allows your shoulder and arm to have mobility in a relatively circular motion. The other end of your humerus, the distal end, is comprised of two bony ‘processes’ called the capitulum and the trochlea; these help form your elbow.

Your humerus actually develops from three separate bones when you are a fetus. There is the long center shaft called the diaphysis, that ends in two epiphyses, which are the end of the bone. These sections are separated by cartilage, also referred to as a growth plate. It isn’t until after puberty that the cartilage becomes solid and forms a long bone.