NAVEL (aka, your belly button)

The navel, affectionately known as the belly button, and clinically known as the umbilicus. What’s not to love about a belly button??

belly buttonThey come in all shapes and sizes, innies and outies, oval, round, T-shaped, even domed or knotted. Your navel is in western medicine potentially nothing more than the scar left behind after cutting the umbilical cord upon your entry into the world. Personally, I think it’s got more than that going on for it. I mean really how many other scars make that much of an impression?
In Chinese Medicine the navel is referred to as the Spirit Gate, which again leads me to believe it’s much more than simply a remnant of the birthing process. I believe it is also a point of emotional holding and wisdom; behind your navel resides your gut, your intuitive voice.

bellybuttonfuzzYour belly button is also a friendly haven for other inhabitants. Researchers investigating ‘biological diversity’ have discovered that your belly button (yep, yours and everyone else’s) houses thousands of different kinds of bacteria. Most, if not all, of them are pretty harmless, just setting up camp in the crevices and creases of your skin. One other little tidbit of info that they noted during their research? A high percentage of men had a significant amount of lint and while very few women did.

Your belly button is also a pretty sensitive erogenous zone, sadly it is one that is often ignored, yet because of the nerve endings and location it is a direct connection to your “nether regions”.

belly button cheeseOkay, last sort of disgusting but utterly fascinating fact; research conducted by several biologists revealed that the bacteria taken from your navel can, in fact, make cheese. I have to say as a cheese lover, I don’t really know what to think about this, however, it is good to know that should I ever run out of cheese and be in dire need, I will be able to swab my navel, whip it into some milk and voila, several months later...cheese. (:
To the left is an actual picture of belly button cheese.... Let's hear it for self-industry.