"Isn't it about time you fell in love with the body you've been in living in your whole life?" 

Bod*411 is all about YOU and YOUR perfect body. Having a perfect body doesn’t mean YOU have to be a certain size or shape or that YOU have to go to extremes to lose weight, get fit, or feel beautiful. Having a perfect body means understanding just how amazing and perfectly designed YOU are as a human organism. We Are going to get personal; so check back for tidbits about YOUR super human body, all chosen to help YOU appreciate just how fantastic YOU really are as YOU wade through the facts and the fiction about your health, wellness, and well-being.

The navel, affectionately known as the belly button, and clinically known as the umbilicus. What’s not to love about a belly button??

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Have you ever missed someone so much it “hurts” or suffered from an occasional bout with loneliness that feels physically uncomfortable? Guess what, it’s not all in your head.

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We covered probiotics on Day 2 of this adventure on your perfect body given the media coverage, if you missed it, you still have heard of probiotics and the role they play in your health and well-being.

Your heart is "the legendary muscle that wants and greives" according to Robert Pinskey. No other organ in your body has enjoyed as much mystery and critical acclaim throughout the history of humanity than the heart.

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