If you’re reading this, sipping on a cup of coffee and chatting with whomever is sitting next to you all at the same time, you can give some thanks to your epiglottis.

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  • Look ma; I'm happy, oops, no I'm sad, no wait, I'm angry...  

    Of course, small mood variations throughout the day are normal. However, if you feel like your moods change faster than a Bugatti on the Autobahn (that's car geek for 'really fast') or if you are stuck in a rut and feel like they never change; it's time to get some tools to take control.

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  • Have you visited your doctor with complaints of insomnia, depression, unexplained weight gain (just to name a few...)?

    How many meals a day do you eat in your car? Or at your desk? Or over the kitchen sink? How often do you have a conference call while running an errand? Do you check your email or facebook or twitter or any other form of social media while also having a conversation with someone? Maybe even watching television or a movie at the same time? Or better yet, how about eating a meal in front of the television as you are talking on the phone and checking email on your laptop? Sound familiar at all??? Sound exhausting at all??? (did reading this paragraph stress you out?)

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The ART and SCIENCE of YOU...inside, outside, upside, and downside.

"This website is a labor of love. One that includes excitement for helping people find their unique fingerprint of wellness and combatting "One Size Fits All" Syndrome and also by default, helping to cultivate a more sustainable way of living in the world. It's a gathering place for progressive, integrated, up-to-date information and research and inspiration to help you support and nourish your UNIQUE mind, body, spirit ecosystem."  ... Dr. Stephanie Shelburne


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