Master Your Mmmmm Factor

In the science geek world a sweet spot moment is called the 'point of encounter' and it signifies that for a brief moment all of your systems and your internal and external reality are in agreement and on the same page.

ReikiMasterMmmmm factor moments increase your 'aesthetic intelligence'; the  more you have the smarter you are and the healthier you become.

The Genuine Mmmmmm

How do you know if it's the real deal?

brightideaThe real deal mmmmm is a biochemical reaction that occurs when everything lines up. It's actually an automatic response, that typically involves also a nice deep breath, and a brief snippet of slow motion. It only lasts a second or two but trust me that's enough to work its magic. Don't be fooled, though; not everything delicious, or fun, or interesting is an  mmmmm situation. Without getting too technical, there is a big difference between 'wanting' something and 'liking' something. The brain chemistry of 'wanting' and trying to satisfy an appetite is great because it's motivating, but it's not the one that produces the  mmmmm  factor. To experience the mmmmmyou have to slow down enough to really let your bodymind decide if it actually likes whatever you're doing. So it's important to take a pause and let the brain train switch tracks...

How do you get more Mmmmm?

What's not to love about feeling fantastic inside, outside, upside, downside...

enjoyfoodThe only way to up your mmmmm is to notice what you're doing when you're doing it.  Mmmm factor living and life on autopilot don't really co-exist well. That's a good thing, because really who wants to live their life on autopilot??!?

So, the way to get more  mmmmm in your life is to get back into your body and let your senses participate in what you are doing. I'd use the phrase 'slow down' but that tends to panic people, as if they have to find more time. Believe it or not it doesn't take any more time to be present than it takes to be on autopilot. A minute is a minute whether you are paying attention to it or not. So, tune in, let your tongue taste that bit of food, let your nose smell it and your mouth feel it.... see what happens. Let your skin feel those clothes you have on most of the time, let your body feel the sun and your feet feel the ground and your eyes see the sunset (or sunrise).... that's the way to get more  mmmmm.

Eat, move, and think your way off the couch and into an mmmm factor life... whether it’s a 5M gastro-fabulous meal or 5M’s of bliss... You will be happier, healthier, and juicier!