Who wants to live a life that's a no-brainer?? I sure don't. Vitality takes active participation from your whole self. There's no denying the mindbody connection and the importance of 'feeding' your entire self quality ingredients. How/what/when/where you eat/move/think is intricately related. Here are some great resources to help you "FEED" your body, mind, and spirit the quality ingredients it deserves and switch tracks to YES-brainer living.


What you eat matters!

Nourishing your BodyMindSpirit through delicious and nutritious foods are the basic building blocks to health and wellness. Believe it or not what you eat plays a role in virtually every medical condition. When you eat something you are saying "YES" to a particular way of being. Eating well is healthy and it's also politically savvy. (that's right, I mentioned politics).

If you eat quality foods, raised and produced in a quality way, you can eat your way to whole health and avoid costly medical visits and supplements. Here's a quick list of foods you can include in your diet to make a BIG difference to your body/mind/spirit.

YES-Brain food: Blueberries, walnuts, cold water fish (sardines are awesome), something fermented, cruciferous veggies... for a more extensive list click here.


Where your body goes, your brain will follow...

In today's world of hyper-advertising surrounding all the things you should do and what you should look like, it can be easy to turn the idea of moving your body into a HUGE obstacle called 'exercise'. Don't be fooled, your bodymind doesn't need you to own a gym membership or belong to a fancy yoga studio to be strong, fit, and well. It just needs you to move, every day, in a variety of ways... Moving your body throughout the day for just a few minutes at a time provides MAJOR benefits! Here are some fun ways to get a jump on the freedom of being fit:

Hula Hoop - that's right, I said, hula hoop. I keep one right next to my computer. When my brain gets a little foggy I get up and take a couple of turns in the hoop. It makes me smile (which produces delicious brain chemistry), and it increases circulation, digestion, and flexitiblity.

Rebounder - a rebounder is a mini trampoline. It's on the other side of my computer. If the hula-hoop isn't calling my name then a couple of jumps on the rebounder is. Put on some great music and jump yourself silly and healthy.

Yoga ball -  I use my yoga ball as an office chair. It keeps my pelvis and back flexible and stimulates circulation. It also makes a great jump toy. (:

Swinging - That's right! When's the last time you went to the park and jumped on a swing? Well, not only will it completely thrill and revive your inner child, it also helps recalibrate your nervous system.


"Happy thoughts make happy molecules" ~ D.Chopra...

Did you know that your brain doesn't really know the difference between what is "really" happening and what you tell it is happening?Train your mind to take you from Drama to Dreamy in a heartbeat! Your molecules will thank you...all 500 bazillion trillion of them.

Quick tips:

1) Play the "is that true" game. The next time something has you all twisted around the axle (I love that phrase)... take a pause and ask yourself if what you are saying inside your head is really true. If it's not a fact then let it go until you have all the facts. Remember that a fact is something that is observable and true for all parties involved (now that should put a monkey-wrench in your internal story-telling).