I'm an O.Q! Are You?

I am an O.Q.  I admit it. 

I love being an O.Q. I think it’s the smartest route in today’s world of mixed information and confusing media about health and happiness. Being an O.Q. saves me a lot of hassle and makes my life easier, more enjoyable, and more consciously attuned to sustainable living in a modern world.

What exactly is an O.Q. and how can you become one?

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Preventing Disease with Your P.O.L.

How's your health?

Have you visited your doctor lately with complaints of  insomnia,  depression, unexplained  weight gain, mystery aches and pains  (just to name a few...)?

How many meals a day do you eat in your car? Or at your desk? Or over the kitchen sink? How often do you have a conference call while running an errand? Do you check your email or facebook or twitter or any other form of social media while also having a conversation with someone? Maybe even watching television or a movie at the same time? Or better yet, how about eating a meal in front of the television as you are talking on the phone and checking email on your laptop? Sound familiar at all?  Sound exhausting at all?  (In fact, did reading this paragraph stress you out?)

If you said 'yes' to any of the opening questions then more than likely your  P.O.L. is out of control and it's time to recalibrate.

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STOP Terrorizing Your Tastebuds!!

Taste buds... hopefully we all have them and use them accordingly. Sadly, if you are eating what is referred to as the Standard American Diet (SAD) then chances are your poor taste buds are under attack every single day!

Additives to “enhance” flavor, preservatives to “protect” texture, and a multitude of other chemical processes to keep food products on the shelves longer and make them seemingly more palatable. I can’t help but refer to this as taste bud terrorism.

Just say “NO” to Tastebud Terrorism!

I imagine poor little gustatory cells everywhere are quaking in their proverbial boots every time you reach for a packaged food item or place an order off the random fast food menu.

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