• Yes, you have one in your perfect body, every one does (hopefully!!) In Paris in the year 1579, a young medical student practicing private dissection discovered a small deviation between the small intestine and the large intestine.

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  • Look ma; I'm happy, oops, no I'm sad, no wait, I'm angry...  

    Of course, small mood variations throughout the day are normal. However, if you feel like your moods change faster than a Bugatti on the Autobahn (that's car geek for 'really fast') or if you are stuck in a rut and feel like they never change; it's time to get some tools to take control.

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The ART and SCIENCE of YOU...inside, outside, upside, and downside.

"This website is a labor of love. One that includes excitement for helping people find their unique fingerprint of wellness and combatting "One Size Fits All" Syndrome and also by default, helping to cultivate a more sustainable way of living in the world. It's a gathering place for progressive, integrated, up-to-date information and research and inspiration to help you support and nourish your UNIQUE mind, body, spirit ecosystem."  ... Dr. Stephanie Shelburne


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